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Retrofit and Installation

Because HVAC equipment has a limited lifespan commercial building managers must deal with the difficult question of when to replace the HVAC system. The problem becomes compounded when you consider there is considerable cost with a new HVAC installation, which must be budgeted, not to mention the downtime a building may experience reducing productivity and revenue.

Commercial HVAC equipment may reasonably last between 15 and 30 years, however the constant repairs, servicing, increased energy costs along with the inability of the system to deliver the required heating and cooling, will sooner or later, necessitate a needed solution.

HVAC retrofits can reduce the cost of replacing the entire system while improving heating and cooling efficiency. The systems’ performance can be significantly upgraded by adding HAVC components and integrating equipment such as sensors and controls.

With a well-designed HVAC retrofit you will improve the comfort, health and safety of your facility and the energy savings will recoup some of the investment on your upgrade.

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